President’s Comment – 25 Sep 16

District Governor Michael Milston Official CLUB Visit


Tuesday 4th October at 7.00pm EST (Brisbane) – 8.00pm ESDT (NSW & VIC)

DG Michael  and partner Ann Dib will deliver a presentation then will take questions.

It would be great if ALL members could make the effort to attend.

If any other Rotarian wishes to make-up  or  any prospective member or interested person wishes to attend please email me ( i will send you the GoToMeeting link and instructions on how to join the meeting and presentation.

The monthly Board meeting will be held after the presentation.



The survey asked members to consider Club goals and what they wanted to achieve by being a member of our Rotary E-Club.

These are comments made by our members in the recent survey that all members completed. Thank you to all for completing the survey and the sincerity of your comments. 

Please feel free to email, make comments on the website and discuss the comments below with your fellow members:

  • I still very much feel I am learning the ropes about Rotary as a whole.
  • Encourage those who wish to join Rotary but don’t have the time for weekly meetings, to understand the benefits of the E-Club.
  • Increase membership and raise fund for the Rotary Foundation.
  • I’m comfortable with the Club taking six to twelve months to establish itself.
  • We need more members attending more regularly.
  • Find ways of working with the Youth in our communities to participate in the youth programs available.
  • Raise awareness and develop networks to promote our RAWCS projects.
  • Fund raising for our Club RAWCS projects.
  • Participation in a Rotary club that is much more convenient and fits in with my busy lifestyle and personal situation.
  • Encourage more engagement with members via the Facebook group – as an E-Club I think it’s really important that social media is used effectively.
  • We need some local projects – at least one – to support.
  • Be part of a functioning Club that continues to actively support international projects, and develop relevant community projects.
  • We need to get used to visiting the website regularly and each of us keeping up-to-date between meetings.
  • Learn together about the ways other E-Clubs in Rotary function – what their successes and difficulties have been.
  • Networking and flexibility of E-Club membership.
  • Come up with a  fundraising project, around a current relevant issue that even those members that are more remote from the District can be involved in.
  • As a new member, I hope to continue to learn more about the work of Rotary as a whole and build my knowledge of this great organisation.
  • We need to sort out the technology (is GoToMeeting the best tool, do we all need better headsets, etc).
  • Be part of an enthusiastic group of  Rotarians who want to actively serve humanity.
  • I hope I can be involved in the Club’s activities, even though I am going to be remote from the District more often than not.
  • Leverage my experience working in international development beyond my own project which may wind down over the next twelve months – then again it may get a new lease of life with some Rotary input.
  • Not sure what goals I want our Club to achieve yet.
  • I feel that I’m too new to offer much in developing goals and stating what I personally want to achieve.
  • To further grow as a Rotarian, joining with other members to be part of something incredible to make a difference and do good in the world.
  • Increase our membership to have a variety of members with different interests, knowledge and ideas.
  • I’m quite enjoying listening to others, reading about Rotary and its projects, and just getting a general ‘feel’ for the organisation, its clubs and what they achieve.
  • Establish a functioning e-club that is taking action to raise awareness and support international and local projects. A club that someone who knows nothing about Rotary would be inspired to join. 
  • Increase active membership, with a plan of how we will become a functioning club that is actively working on Rotary goals and projects.
  • I am interested in piloting an Australian based alternative schoolies project in an Indigenous context.
  • Increase our membership.
  • Contributing to  the good work of Rotary International.
  • I wonder whether we might also consider a more structured and active online campaign for recruitment? How can we draw people to our online presence?
  • Participation in Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) style projects.
  • I want to get my head around all the different web presences for Rotary – its very confusing between RAWCS projects, ClubRunner, our own site, and I think there are others.
  • Increase support for the Rotary Foundation.
  • Support  those in our club who have existing projects.
  • Encourage our members to attend District Conference for yearly fellowship.
  • To become an active club within the District of 9700.
  • I want to be able to contribute to my community.

These comments show a positive enthusiasm by most members to continue the development of our Club; the desire to educate and mentor our newer members with the ideals of Rotary and  to encourage our serving humanity in the best possible way that we can.

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