President’s Comment – 18 Sep 16


Both have been updated.

Our Club international Projects

We now have five International Projects listed on our website that are managed in part or entirely by members of our Club. They have recently had a Donation link added to each page that goes directly to our RAWCS payment gateway. Have a look! Make a donation!

Ethical Dilemma Discussion: what do you do?

Your club is working to provide technology and training for teachers and children at a school in a very low-income area with limited educational resources. During your search for sponsors, a club member in a senior position at a well-known business offers to pay most of the project’s costs. This sponsorship would allow you to complete the project quickly, and kids would be in classrooms learning in just a short time. You are grateful for the generosity but hesitate because this business has been in the media over some ethical concerns. You aren’t sure it’s a good idea to accept the sponsorship, but raising the funds in other ways could sharply delay the project.

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