President’s Comment – 18 Jun 18

Hi All,

Our meeting on Tuesday, 12th June was well attended and I would like to thank members for their contribution on the evening.


Our guest speaker, PP Bev Cooney, from the Rotary Club of Bathurst gave a great presentation that I am sure inspired us all to commit more to our project work. Over more than a decade Bev has funded and worked to establish a school for the disabled in a remote location in Peru. In addition she has been instrumental in the building of Peru’s first Cancer Clinic and providing teams of Australian doctors and nurses travelling to train and assist the local Peruvian medical personnel. She continues this great work.

Bev has received a Medal of the Order of Australia in 2015 in recognition of her work, as well as an award from Peruvian president Alan Garcia in 2008 for being a ‘Notable Carer’.



It was also a privilege for me as President to induct Tebao Awerika from the Republic of Kiribati as a member of our Club. Members of E-Clubs can reside in any locality and we are thrilled that Tebao is our first international member.

Tebao Awerika is the Member of Parliament for Betio, from Ambo, Tarawa, Kiribati.

Kiribati (pronounced Kiribass) is a small developing island state located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It comprises 33 atolls in three sub-groups namely the Gilbert Group, Line Group and the Phoenix Group. The atolls are scattered across the equator over five million square kilometres of water.

Tebao said, I am a people’s person who wishes to see the gap between the fortunate and less fortunate reduced with the objective that everyone can and is able to provide for oneself and family with the basic necessities of life.
We are currently investigating with Tebao and RAWCS Donations in Kind(DIK) supplying a container of school chairs and desks to assist the schools on Kiribati. This will be a great project for our Club.
Welcome Rotarian Tebao Awerika to the Rotary E-Club of D9700-Serving Humanity and the wider fellowship of Rotary International. 
NEXT MEETING  – Tuesday 26th June at 7.30 pm EST – Social meeting
This meeting is a social meeting to be held on Tuesday 26th June at 7.30pm EST.
In addition to us each commenting on what we have been doing, I will select an interesting presentation that was recorded by another E-Club so that we can see what other Clubs have as their program at their meetings. Please try and attend.
If you are not a member please contact me – with your email address so that a link to the meeting can be sent to you by email.
CHANGEOVER MEETING –  Tuesday 17th July at 7.00pm EST
Can you all please note that the Changeover Meeting of our Club will be held on Tuesday 17th July at 7.00pm.  We will have a number of District guests attending .
This is when I present my report on what our Club has achieved during 2017-18 and our incoming President Marilyn Roberts introduces her new Board and the objectives for our Club for the 2018-19 year.

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