President’s Comment – 6 Aug 17

Last Week’s Zoom Meeting

We had a very productive and enjoyable meeting last Wednesday. We had PDG John Egan speak to us about how to utilise Facebook for our advantage. As a result it was decided to publish our first newsletter . It will be available to all on this website. Thank you to Marilyn for this great effort.

We have also decided to open our Facebook page to the public to promote and share our activities. We will have to manage this so that we display only desirable posts.

We need to each make an effort to invite and attract new members to our Club to make our fellowship more enjoyable and to develop more activities to support our projects and Rotary International.

Please listen to the message from RI President Ian Riseley below:

Membership and New Club Development Month

While membership development is the responsibility of all Rotary members all year long, August has been designated as a month to celebrate Rotary’s greatest asset — you.
Don’t miss out on the many valuable resources that are available for prospective and current members. Using these tools allows clubs to improve their members’ experience so that more prospective members join and more current members stay.

Watch this video of President Ian Riseley speaking about the importance of membership flexibility. Also, clubs can use the Discover Rotary presentation and the prospective member brochure to introduce Rotary to prospects. Clubs that want to promote their unique experience, including events and projects, can customize a club brochure available at the Brand Center. They can edit the content and upload their own photos. 

Rotary Basics is a guide to all things Rotary, from how Rotary began to how you can optimize your member experience. It’s now part of the New Member Welcome Kit, and is also sold separately on Shop. The revised Connect for Good guide suggests ways members can get involved in Rotary to make an impact in their community and globally. If you need ideas for giving new members a meaningful experience, look to Introducing New Members to Rotary: An Orientation Guide. These resources are available for free download and are sold on

If you want your club to remain relevant to its members and community, consider taking the Rotary Club Health Check. This exercise helps club leaders discover opportunities for growth. For other ways to evaluate your club, download the Membership Assessment Tools publication. Another guide, Strengthening Your Membership, helps club leaders create a membership development plan. 

Also, our Membership page features an array of resources to suit every need, whether you’re working with clubs and districts in your region to attract potential members, or exchanging tips on engagement.


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