President’s Comment – 28 Aug 16

Some of our new members have requested an explanation of their access to Rotary websites.

First and foremost is our own Club website where we meet and communicate with each other. This can be reinforced with personal email messages, Facebook messages and phone conversations. In addition we propose to hold some face to face meetings of our members in when we are in someone’s locality. If your username or password do not work please contact me.

DG Michael Milston has introduced his District Governor Communications format for this Rotary year. His objective is to allow you to consider each piece of information and decide if it tweaks your interest and you want to read on, or if not then you delete it. To achieve this, each bulletin will mainly be single topic focussed. So how will it work?

He will be sending out, by email, regular short “tweets” in a bulletin format called “Quick News“; a (probably monthly) “Conversations” bulletin which will look at thoughts and ideas around the monthly Rotary theme; and finally, but not least, a regular (probably monthly too) “What’s On” bulletin (see read more link below).

All these bulletins will, where there is more information available, refer by linking, back to the D9700 website. All these bulletins will be sent to your registered email address. Needless to say I welcome any feedback, contributions, comments, and thoughts.

There will also be other items of interest to Rotarians and others on the D9700 website also know as ClubRunner, so do make a point of checking the site. Some of the bulletin stories above will also be on the Home Page. All Rotary Club members can login using their email address that they use for our E-Club. If you do not have or cannot remember your password  click on the link at the bottom of the login page.

Clubs have been asking for sometime about how they can use the web site for getting information to you and other Rotarians. The “What’s On” is an attempt to moderate this desire to tell the District Rotarians of these Clubs’ fundraising, social, and project endeavors.
Your Club can already put events onto the D9700 web site Calendar; so those items will be included in the “What’s On” and if you something also included, you will need to send the following information to our District Bulletin Editor, Ian Davison :
  • Type of activity (eg fundraising event, raffle, stall, etc)
  • Title of the activity
  • Purpose of the activity (support children/adults/etc improve/learn/ etc etc)
  • Dates
  • Location
  • Club involved
  • Contact details (for more info, buy tickets, name, email, landline or mobile); links to your Club’s website where there is more information would be the best for you to get your message across.

The other website that all Rotarians can login on is the Rotary International site at: .  This website is for the public but all active Rotary members can go to MyRotary and login to access a lot of information on Rotary. You will need to quote your Rotary Club and your Rotary International ID number. If you do not have this please ask our Club Secretary to email your number to you.

You will note that you are identified as  a member of your Rotary Club and you can look up any donations you have made to the Rotary Foundations. You can subscribe to newsletters from any of the various Action Groups, Committees or interest groups that can be accessed from here. You also have access to the International Directory that lists all Clubs worldwide, their meeting place and date, their executive contact details  so that you can organise to visit them or contact them to carry out a mutual project together.

It is on the Rotary International website that YOU begin to feel part of an extremely large and effective organisation serving humanity.

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