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Aloha, Rotary! (31 July 2019)

Join Rotary President Mark Maloney at the 111th Rotary International Convention in Honolulu, Hawaii, 6-10 June 2020. You’ll experience the heart of Hawaii in Honolulu – the state’s largest and most diverse city which has something for everyone. Attending the convention in Honolulu will be much more than a vacation; it’s an opportunity to make a lifetime of memories with people of action from across the globe.

As a leader you can make a difference in Rotarian attendance at the Rotary Convention. Now’s the time to extend a personal invitation to your members, encouraging them to attend the convention, make new friends, and experience the fun.

Share the excitement by downloading the promotional kit or by sharing the official promotional video to your social networks.


Director Nomination – Zone 8 (26 July 2019)

Are you interested in nominating as the new RI Director for Zone 8? The new Director will serve on the RI Board for 2021-23.

If so, please submit your nomination using the Official Suggestion Form.

Interviews for the position will be conducted in Christchurch on 23rd and 24th September.

RESCA Program (1 March 2018)

Please find attached an information sheet on this year’s RESCA program.
We have had several successful applicants from our District in the last few years and it would be great to see more clubs getting involved in nominating Emergency Service Officers in their towns.
You will note that ACT Emergency Services are included this year.
I am available to assist with connecting you to the NSW RESCA Committee if you need any assistance.
See attachment:
PDG Ian Tooke

District 9700 RESCA Contact Person

ph: 02 6368 2574 mobile: 0409 590 547

Future Leaders Seminar (22 February 2018)

Please find information regarding Future Leaders Seminar regarding the New District D9705. (D9700 and D9710 combined)
This will be held on Friday the 23rd March 2018 at Mittagong RSL from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. There is no cost to attendees and those that attend will get (if they want to) free registration to the District 9710 Conference being held on the 24th and 25th March at the same venue. The Seminar is aimed at those Rotarians who are identified as being future leaders either in their clubs or at district level. It is also open to members who have already been Presidents etc. and those that wish to better their knowledge of Rotary. It is more advanced than RLI. The attendees will need to find their own accommodation.
There are 10 positions available for members from District 9700. It will be conducted by PDG Cathy Roth from District 9780.
If you are interested please contact me.
George Weston ( Carol )PHF
District Governor 2017-18
Rotary District 9700
Mobile: 0417 519 580

Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children (ROMAC) requires a self-motivated Rotarian to fill the role of Operations Director.
The position requires the Rotarian to become a Director of ROMAC entities and take overall responsibility (together with the ROMAC Operations Manager), for all operational matters pertaining to the processing of referrals through to the safe return, after treatment, of the ROMAC Patient and their Carer.
To be a successful in this role a candidate will require the following attributes:
1. Proven organisational skills
2. Experience in negotiations at a high level. Experience within the medical and health delivery areas, and other State and Federal government departments, would be beneficial.
3. Confident in their computer skills and demonstrable skills in this area are essential.
4. The Operations Director requires a personality and an ability to accommodate different cultures and encourage volunteers to work as a team.
5. The Operations Director also requires a big heart and be prepared to be one of the key persons to enable ROMAC to fulfil its Mission; that of providing specialist treatment for children from developing countries, in the form of life saving and/or dignity restoring surgery not accessible to them in their home country
Please direct your application, or queries, to the ROMAC Chair, Rob Wilkinson, at
Peter Gissing
PO Box 8481
NSW 2650
District 9700 Vocational Service Excellence Awards (10 October 2017)
Rotary Clubs are requested to identify high profile members from their communities who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in their vocation and have contributed significantly to the advancement of that vocation locally, nationally and/or globally. They may be actors or academics, business people or builders, police force members or politicians, surgeons or sports stars. Most communities have someone who meets these criteria.
Nominees may be Rotarians, must be Australian citizens or permanent residents and preferably reside in or carry out their activities in District 9700. It is important that nominees are NOT informed of their nomination.
Details of the award criteria and nomination forms are attached to this email and are also available from members of the committee.
Group 1.                David Hughes Ph: 68635664
Group 2 Robyn Murray M: 0421053924
Group 3 Recruiting….are you interested in representing Group 3 on this Committee?
Group 4 Tony Sinclair PH: 69738610
Group 5 Recruiting….are you interested in representing Group 3 on this Committee?
Group 6                 Stephen Darlington Ph 63314488
Please note that nominations must be submitted on the prescribed form in order that the committee can evaluate each candidate in a uniform matter. No additional information should be submitted.
Nominations, endorsed by the nominating Rotary Club close with District Chair Len Wade on Friday30 November 2017
The criteria for this award and the nomination form are attached to this email
I would be most grateful if you would promote these prestigious awards and seek the nomination of suitable candidates. The winners will be recognised at our District Conference in Leeton in May 2018
Best regards
Len Wade
 Chair Rotary District 9700 Vocational Service Committee     Ph: 0427 469460

Graffiti Removal (27 September 2017)
Graffiti Removal Day is scheduled for 29th October 2017 and nominations for clean-up sites opened on 1st August 2017
Further information is available at or by telephoning 1300 665 310.
 Peter Gissing
District Service Projects Director
Rotary District 9700
PO Box 8481
Wagga Wagga
NSW 2650
Mental Health Research (19 September 2017)
Lift the Lid on Mental Illness is now Australian Rotary Health’s National annual fundraising day for mental health research.
The campaign started in 2016 in partnership with Rotary Clubs of Victoria. The event was such a success that it has now been extended to all Rotary Clubs across Australia.
Each year approximately 1-in-5 Australians will experience a mental illness and in order to help future generations of young Australians, we need to look ahead to research and find out how we can prevent this type of illness occurring.
You can support this initiative by making a donation on World Mental Health Day, Tuesday, October 10 to Australian Rotary Health. As ARH is also celebrating Hat Day, you are invited to hold an event and wear your most eye-catching hat.
Further information is available at or from Australian Rotary Health at (02) 8837 1900 or
Peter Gissing
District Service Projects Director
Rotary District 9700
PO Box 8481
Wagga Wagga
NSW 2650