Posting Roster

Members are requested to post an article to the club’s website as per the schedule below. Please notify Cameron and John once done, so that the post can be proof read, made visible to the public and shared on Facebook.

Please click here to learn how to do your POST

Week commencing Member Done
27th September 2021 Donna Vaughan 30th September
11th October 2021 Sharon Daishe 12th October
25th October 2021 Wendy Stein 28th October
8th November 2021 Bev Cooney 9th November
22nd November 2021 Mal Dunnett
13th December 2021 Bruce Foley
10th January 2022 Monica Vaughan 11th January 2022
24th January 2022 Geoff Basser
7th February 2022 Kate Bowyer
21st February 2022 Rosie Dunnett 21st February 2022
7th March 2022 John de Ridder
21st March 2022 Jaydeep Mandal
11th April 2022 Darcy Geale
25th April 2022 Ruth Barber
9th May 2022 John Roberson
23rd May 2022 Cameron McKern