President’s Comment – 4 Feb 18

Hi All,

Highlight of this week was catching up with Rotary friends from D1080 where I led the D9700 GSE team in 2008. Howard Olby a member of the D1080 GSE team who is now second in charge of security for Norfolk and Suffolk Police, arranged for us to attend the Church service at the chapel at Sandringham Castle. No photos were allowed.

We were priveleged to see the Queen, Prince Phillip, the Princess Royal and her husband and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester attend the service last Sunday.

We had lunch afterwards at a pub with Howard and his family and Sarah Jane Lumley another of the D1080 team and her partner Garry.

On Tuesday we attended the weekly meeting of the Rotary Club of Norwich St. Edmunds. We enjoyed the fellowship of quite a few of my hosts from 10 years ago.

This week we have travelled from Norfolk to Oxford and now to Clovelly in Devon. Tomorrow we fly to Dubai for a few days.

This is an interesting article.

Two brothers take aim at eradicating Hepatitis

brothers take aim at eliminating hepatitis

On the way to Paraguay, one month into the expedition.

By Fred Mesquita, Rotary Club of São Paulo-Jardim das Bandeiras, São Paulo, Brazil

Two brothers, a car, one important social cause, a lot of courage, and many adventures along the way. That’s how our Expedition “Me Leva Junto” (Take me with you) began in October 2015, now more commonly known as the “Hepatitis Zero Expedition.”

My brother José Eduardo and I completed the first stage of our expedition, the Americas, in December, traveling through 20 countries and visiting 274 cities on the American continent. All our efforts are volunteer; there is no sponsorship from any company or organization.

Fred Mesquita and his brother, José Eduardo, in Nicaragua preparing for a newspaper interview.

When we started our journey, we set a goal of carrying out hundreds of thousands of Hepatitis C exams and visiting all the world’s continents. Besides having a direct impact on more than 50,000 people, we never dreamed that we would lunch with a country’s president, swim with a whale shark, or be the guests of honor at a banquet with a homeless person who only had a mud hut to live in. Our experiences have also included difficulties like almost being kidnapped in Mexico and having our tent freeze and car break down due to extreme cold in Patagonia.

There are so many adventures and challenges that we have recorded in our virtual book; which narrates the twists and turns of our expedition. In Brazil, we performed approximately 10,000 rapid tests and diagnosed more than 100 hepatitis sufferers who had their lives saved when they were diagnosed and directed for treatment. Our aim is to bring knowledge and guidance to thousands of people worldwide who have hepatitis and have not been diagnosed. We have visited Rotary clubs throughout the Americas as well as meeting with health authorities and experts at universities and other locations.

Countries visited include Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, United States, Cuba, Canada, Iceland.

You can support our effort by visiting our crowdfunding campaign. All of the proceeds of our virtual book go to supporting our expedition.

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